Zero Trust SASE Solutioning Zero Trust is a security strategy that completely eliminates the concept of trust from a network...

Zero Trust Capabilities of SASE

Implementing zero trust, a security model that has achieved widespread adoption in recent years, enables an organization to minimize its cybersecurity risk and the potential damage caused by a compromised endpoint or user account.

However, zero trust is only useful if it can be effectively and consistently enforced across an organization’s entire network infrastructure. Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) is a network and security solution that integrates zero trust functionality. This enables it to perform access management across an organization’s entire wide area network (WAN).

SASE, a next-generation WAN networking and security solution, combines the optimized network routing capabilities of software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN) with a full security stack. SASE is available as a cloud-native solution, enabling it to support enterprises’ increasingly cloud-based network infrastructure.

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How Does Zero Trust Benefit Users and Companies Using SASE Traditionally..

where everything outside the network perimeter was considered untrustworthy (and was subjected to security inspection at the network perimeter), while anyone inside the network was considered trusted.

This approach has a few issues, but some of the biggest are that cybercriminals and insider threats often gain internal access to enterprise networks (where perimeter-based security solutions are blind) and that, with the widespread adoption of cloud computing, the traditional network perimeter has dissolved.

The use of a zero trust security model helps to dramatically decrease an organization’s cybersecurity risk. By assigning access based upon need to know and business needs, an organization limits the potential impact of a compromised account.

Security Services for SASE Benefits

Enable digital transformation and hybrid cloud success

SASE enhances hybrid cloud security with a modern network architecture and brings you closer to digital transformation.

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Safeguard your hybrid workforce and third-party vendors

Protect a distributed, hybrid workforce and the third parties that access systems so that your security isn’t sacrificed anytime, anywhere.

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Improve user access and productivity

Scale your infrastructure capacity while continuing to protect your public-facing access points.

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Smoother integration during mergers and acquisitions

SASE provides the right network access, architecture and integration during a major merger or acquisition transformation.

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Network transformation

Connect your network infrastructure and network security in the cloud, end-to-end with consolidation and cost simplification in mind.

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5G and edge computing

Use the latest branch-to-cloud edge technologies and Internet of Things (IoT) use cases using SASE to accelerate innovation and the journey to cloud transformation.

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