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‘ISO 9001:2015’ Certified & ‘ISO 27001:2013’ Certified Organization.

Rise in Cyber Attacks
Rise in Malware Infection
Rise in Data Thefts
Breach Rate in Fin Services

# New 'Year-On-Year' Data Reports From Sources: (ITU), (ICSPA), (ENISA)

The internet is a warzone, and your systems are on the front line. ‘Code Decode Labs’ provides a continuous consulting support that helps you identify and resolve your weaknesses against new exploits and threats.

Cyber Risk Advisory

As threats of data security breaches proliferate, it takes a cyber-risk expert team like ours to pinpoint your vulnerabilities, upcoming threats and...

Cyber ReX—Resilience as a Service

Building and running of an in-house Cyber Security Operations Centre (SOC) is a large, complex and costly undertaking. Also, this would put a massive strain on...

Threat Vulnerability Mgmt

The modern enterprise information system is a highly complex, multi tiered, multi vendor, centralized, distributed or hybrid deployment.

Cyber Offensive Security

Red Team Consulting & Offensive Security Audits are at the forefront of our security practice. An Offensive Security Audit is a complete approach to understanding...

Cloud Security

Security and data protection are integral for cloud success and yet organizations may not be aware of security infrastructure implications or best...

ERP & SAP Security

Assessing and testing the security of an ERP environment is a challenging venture. Because of that and due the overall complexity and the business...

IoT & Embedded Security

The complexity of IoT often results in a massive attack surface. Couple that with evolving security knowledge from the manufacturers of those devices...

SCADA Security

Pen testing a SCADA system requires a pen tester with knowledge and experience of working with and programming PLCs and RTUs (Remote Telemetry Units).

Information Assurance - GRC

Governance, which is vital for IT activities, can be grouped into three areas: planning, administration, and business relationship management.

Malware Reverse Forensics

Malicious software (Malware) has been a primary transport tool infecting computers with Viruses, Trojans, Worms, and Rootkits for most of the cyber-criminal ...

Secure Code Review

Security source code reviews involves analyzing source code line by line to identify potential security vulnerabilities. A Security source code review ...

PCI DSS Compliance Auditing

In order to help you achieve PCI DSS compliance we work closely with you to understand how your business uses card information, understand the business ...

Proud To Have Worked With These Respected Clients & Counting ...


  • Glenn K. Whitley

         We came across them when I was looking for providing a cost effective cyber & cloud security solutions for our Data Center.They have not only guided us with the required solutions but also proactively implemented it all with ‘Cyber ReX’. It has been a wonderful experience working closely with the, ‘Code Decode Labs’ team and so Ido highly recommend their expertise and strategic proactive-reactive security approach which comes with appropriate amalgamation of skills & in-time execution. Their security advisory services helped us to take charge of IT risk controls with sound mitigation plans for the effective BIA from new threats & vulnerabilities, in time.

    - Glenn K. Whitley,
               President - IT,
               Actiance Inc., US.
  • Samuel Mugambi

         Great team to work with, ‘Code Decode Labs’, takes the time to talk to the customers and find out what solution they might really need and the right fitment. They are the very knowledgeable InfoSec auditors for the enterprise data security compliance and implementation of internal security control checks. We have achieved our goals and objectives of Information Assurance through BS standards, before time with their help. We would love to work with them across all our IT & security compliance exercises, in coming years ahead.

    - Samuel Mugambi,
              United Bank for Africa, Kenya.
  • Srinivas K. Vasudevan

         Very thorough professional approach with in-depth domain knowledge, this team regularly reviews cyber security health check-ups with ‘Cyber ReX’, ‘VMaaS’ and commit themselves with higher quality service management to make sure they reach customer expectations. They have a dedicated cyber security teamof expert experts who maintain the required competency and proficiency level. They proved their technology mettle.

    - Srinivas K. Vasudevan,
               Head – IT Operations,
               Motherson Sumi, India.
  • Rakshit Gupta

         You’ve heard of a black swan; well, we realized that you can’t anticipate every potentially threatening security situation. CDL provides us with true security management capabilities that meet the stringent real-time performance, reliability and scalability of our mission-critical role to secure IT infrastructure. After a rigorous search and careful consideration, with their Cyber Security,Hack-proof solutions & data protection services, 'Code Decode Labs' is the best team for the job, who live up-to the management expectations, and on whom you can entrust upon.

    - Rakshit Gupta,
              Chief Technology Officer,
              Herald Wealth Management, UK.
  • Tanaka Lee Wang

         Knowing our threat posture as it happens, means my team can get on the front foot and protect the business from data loss in real-time, before it happens. Their ‘Cyber ReX’ services de-risked us on new cyber threats. Code Decode Labs, is one of the most responsive security professional team of experts that I have ever met.I highly recommend, 'Code Decode Labs', as globally competent and effective mitigator, data protection professional team within the cyber-space arena, who deals with your IT risk pain points and make it to optimum secure.

    - Tanaka Lee Wang,
              AVP - IT,
              China Taiping Insurance Group Ltd., Hong Kong.
  • Madhav Varadrajan

         As a malware analyst, I have seen them categorize and prioritize a stack of 50 potential malware samples in a couple hours; and bang on particularly complicated malware for days till they find the solution, and indicators of compromise that can be acted upon.We have observed a major reduction in malware infections inside our organization and a safe and sanitized IT environment, a result that we attribute to ‘Code Decode Labs’ssenior engineers. They are the crusaders for the cyber space battle ground.

    - Madhav Varadrajan,
               Sr. NOC Manager,
               Metlife Worldwide, Malaysia.
  • Amir Mohammad Khalid Sultan Al Nasseri

         Designing and building a highly secure IT system posture is hard job, but, that’s what they are best at, a confident team of experts. Code Decode Labs’s team frees me and my team to focus on our core business functions & responsibilities, safe in the knowledge that their expert is checking for mistakes and the latest vulnerabilities through, ‘VMaaS’ engine. We chose them for their hard core experience and deep knowledge, and because their wonderful assistance& support helps us identify issues much faster than we could in the past. It allows me to sleep better.

    - Amir Mohammad Khalid Sultan Al Nasseri,
              Deputy GM – IT,
              Abu Dhabi Gas Industries Limited(GASCO), Abu Dhabi.
  • Cynthia Richardson

         We selected them because they offer comprehensive cyber security preparedness & well-structured IT security management platform, through ‘VMaaS’. Their designed complete IT security deployment ‘Cyber ReX’now provides us with the ability to control our threats inthe dynamic IT risks environment. By being able to deal with potential threats, even when they are masquerading as legitimate communications, means that our security system is constantly adapting to the risks faced by the enterprise and protecting our information assets, with a critical business value. Now, we are reasonably safe from the latest vulnerabilities & threats. All thanks to CDL’s wonderful support &consistent team efforts.

    - Cynthia Richardson,
              Chief Information Officer,
              Central Pacific Financial Corp., USA.

Our Skills & Expertise Ratings by Client Satisfaction

Cyber Resilience, Intelligence & Security Consulting 99%
R&D Projects 97%
Information Security Compliance & Assurance 95%
Data Protection Services 98%
Cyber Security Testings & Audits 96%
Telecom & Network Security 94%
Cyber Application Threat Control 92%
Information Security Risk Management 94%
Malware Engineering 96%
Embedded / IOT Security 94%