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Secure Data Transfer & Release

In the recent past, the cyber landscape witnessed a shift from petty online crimes to election meddling carried out by state-sponsored actors, large-scale ransomware attacks, and cyber espionage campaigns.

Although data protection has always been the primary focus of cyber defenders, current cyberattacks have the ability to immobilise business operations. Cyber criminals have been increasingly targeting national critical infrastructure, including power grids and hospitals that often put people’s lives on the line.

The paper describes about how businesses and governments should treat cyber resilience as a matter of priority concern. To conclude, the paper lays emphasis on the response and recovery strategies, including a focus on human dependency, which cyber defenders should consider in their playbooks.

Accelerating trust, reliability, and survivability during times of adverse conditions, crisis, and business volatility

Cyber resilience is the ability of an organisation to protect itself from, detect, respond to and recover from cyber attacks.

By being resilient, organisations can reduce the impact of an attack and ensure that they can continue to operate effectively.

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The benefits of cyber resilience

CDL is a global cyber risk and privacy management consultancy that helps businesses save money and reduce risk with solutions based on international best practice and frameworks.

Being cyber resilient helps you:

  • Reduce financial losses;
  • Meet legal and regulatory requirements;
  • Improve your security culture and internal processes;
  • and Protect your brand and reputation.

Cyber Resilience & Privacy Services

Enterprise and Cloud Security Architecture

Design, realization and eventually audit of specific aspects of enterprise security architecture in the area of cryptography, cryptographic symmetric and asymmetric key management systems, Identity and Access management and evidence of electronic processes

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Operational Technology

We will prepare for you many services focused on OT (Operational Technology) security. With these services we will provide you with a wide range of our knowledge and worldwide project experience.

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Awareness & Simulations

n Cyber Arena we create a realistic model of the IT or the OT environment of your company and so that you can test your readiness to face real cyber attacks. The simulation verifies the readiness of your security infrastructure, the simulation will validate your cyber security strategy and communication skills of key employees. This can all be done in a safe and secure way.

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Secure Application Development Case Studies